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Kiwi Crate – Love it or Leave it?


My kids have been getting a kiwi crate for about 6 months now, and I though I would share our thoughts on this subscription service! I chose this one for the girls because to be honest, I’m not crafty, like at all really. But my girls LOVE doing crafty things and I thought this may be a way for them to have new and fun things to make, without me wasting my life on yet another Pinterest FAIL!

The girls get so excited when that little green box arrives in the mail and the begging to open it is never ending!

There are usually two activities in each box. You can choose a box for just one child, or add siblings. Which we did, and they send you age appropriate crafts. Most require very little parent help, which was a selling point for me. With two toddlers running around, it’s nice to let the girls go in the school room and craft away, and I just peek in to make sure they are doing okay.


This month was a homemade lemonade stand and it was SO cute! Came with all the supplies they needed! A cute chalk board, a cash register, and play money was included too!

IMG_0136 IMG_0134

The only thing they needed help with was folding the box that held the calculator… although I think with a little more patience they could have done that themselves too.

IMG_0145 IMG_0143

I did pull out my laminating machine and laminate the dollar bills so they would last longer in this house :) If your kids are gentle players, then that step isn’t necessary 😉

IMG_0151 IMG_0149   IMG_0140

All in all, the crafting took about 45 minutes, and has provided HOURS of play afterward! I call that #winning

IMG_0166 IMG_0159 IMG_0157


In case you didn’t guess it already, this is definitely a LOVE it item for us!


If you are interested in trying out Kiwi Crate, here are the logistics!

***They have 4 different crates to choose from, based on your child’s age, to ensure you get age appropriate activities. It ranges from age 3-16+

****The cost starts at $16.95, and adding a sibling is $9.95

****I love that you can suspend your subscription if you need to for a month or two!

If you use my referral link, you’ll get a $10 credit! (Full disclosure, I get a $10 credit too!)

If you try it out, let me know! I’d love to know what you think :)

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The Story of Rosie


(I love this photo because it was taken in 2011, right after Rosie was born, though we didn’t know it yet)

I wanted to be sure that the story of how we got to our girl was on this blog, since my old one is gone :(

So I am just going to copy and paste that original post here. It was written back in April, but this is the God sized story that led us to our Rosie.


I don’t even know where to begin.

The last week has been a whirlwind!

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

We were not planning on adopting right now, but God had other plans. As He usually does!

I was scrolling though FB and saw a fellow adoptive mama was advocating for this sweet girl to find a family. I was immediately drawn to her, and her name was Rosie, c’mon!!!

(If you don’t know our story, God was clear with me that I had a daughter and her name was Rose, back in July of 2011. You may want to keep that date in your mind for a minute…. But Noah is obviously a boy, and so is Jonah :)

The whole time I was reading about her, I was smiling from ear to ear. I decided to go ahead and ask to see her file, and honestly, I thought my hubby would just say no.

But he said he was open to it, and we both agreed to pray about it. The file was sent to me the same day I headed out of town for a weekend away with my mom’s group, and I couldn’t open the files from my phone.

I was bummed, but I just prayed and asked God to give me more of a clear answer, was this what He was asking us to do right now?

The timing was just all wrong! We’re busy… I’m trying to slow down with work…it’s our 10 year anniversary and we wanted to take a trip…. We never had a honeymoon or any kind of tropical trip and we thought this was our year! The list goes on and on. You know, all those “comfort things” that make you want to run for the hills when God asks you to do hard things?!

So when I came home, I still didn’t have much clarity…. I still just wasn’t sure. After I dropped Noah off at preschool on Monday, I sat down at the computer to look through her file.

There it was.

Her birthday was up in the right hand corner.

July 30th.

The same day as mine.

Chills ran up my spine. Okay Lord, I hear you. Oh and the year? 2011…. July of 2011 was the same month and year God had whispered the name Rose into my heart.

Alright God, I got it. LOUD AND CLEAR.

Of course my hubby needed more than signs, aren’t men just like that?! But after prayer and lots of research, he felt ready to say yes to her too!

Our sweet Rosie is special, she has an extra chromosome, and let me tell you, it hasn’t seemed to slow her down :) I read once that they should call it “Up Syndrome” instead of Down Syndrome, that sounds about right :)

She’s making wonderful progress and achieving milestones! There is no telling what she can do once she has the love of a mama, daddy and 4 brothers and sisters! We are SO ready to bust her out of that orphanage!!!

She’s also tiny… very tiny! 23 lbs to be exact! She’s actually just a few months older than Noah (yep, they’ll be “twins”)  but smaller than Jonah! She’s a peanut, and that doesn’t stop her either!

 All of these things combine, her age & diagnosis etc make her a “difficult” to match child. But it doesn’t seem so difficult to us. She was made perfect by her heavenly father, He loves her so much. To Him, she is worth more than gold. My heart is just ready to burst, I feel lucky to soon be her mama <3

 Please know we are in no way down playing her condition, and what the future may hold for her. But we love this sweet girl, and are ready to walk down those roads with her…side by side.

 So here we grow again, we are so excited to be on this adoption journey once more, this mama is LONGING for the day I can scoop up my Rosie and smother her with kisses. We are so glad we gave God our “yes” years ago and allowed Him to direct our life path. Our life is crazy at times, but we have SO MUCH JOY!!!!

More details to come soon, but for now, we just hope you can all rejoice with us! Please keep our family in your prayers as we get this train moving once again!


 And now we are just a week or so away from sending our Dossier to China, which means we are about 4 months away from traveling to bring her home! And all the people said, AMEN!
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7 Tips for NEW Homeschoolers

Y’all, I made SO MANY mistakes when I began homeschooling 4 years ago. If I can save anyone from making the same ones, I’d be a happy girl. So, here are my 7 tips for newbies. And heck, maybe some of you veteran homeschoolers will find something helpful in here too! Let me know if you have anything you’d add to this list since I’ll be filming an update version of this video of soon!

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“Everyday” Makeup Routine


I hesitated to call this my everyday routine, because the truth is that I don’t wear makeup everyday. BUT, on the days that I do… this is a go-to look for me. This was filmed in January, so it’s pretty full coverage, in the summer I don’t wear as much foundation etc. I’d be happy to film a summer makeup routine if you’d like to see that! Just let me know in the comments :)

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Hey y’all, let’s chat!


Here we go again! In an effort to revamp my blog and make it more user friendly/easy to navigate, I deleted everything. Apparently you should not just reinstall a new version of wordpress on your cpanel if you don’t know what you are doing :)

Ummm.. oops?

So, we are starting from scratch! Maybe that’s a good thing. It’s like a fresh spiral notebook! No old posts to cling to, just fresh, new ideas! That’s what I am telling myself so I don’t just sit in the corner and cry.

Okay? Okay.

So, what are we going to be talking about here? Motherhood, Adoption, Homeschool, Family, Beauty, Food (Glorious Food!) and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

This space is still very much a work in progress, but I really like it so far! Hope you do to! Grab a cup of coffee or some sweet tea and stick around, read, comment and share!

Can’t wait to get to know y’all better, and let’s cross our fingers I don’t accidentally delete this new blog too!